Guest-Led Ordering

Drive a 28% increase in sales and tips with elevated guest experiences
Give customers the ability to lead their experience and eliminate unnecessary wait time.

Less wait time, more drinks

  • Customers do not want to wait. With Guest-led ordering, customers can instantly order from their smartphone and drinks are delivered 6 minutes faster than traditional face-to-face ordering.
  • No app download required. Guests just scan a QR code to order. With Apple or Google pay, customers do not even have to enter credit card information.
  • Guests can close their tab, tip at their convenience and leave when they are ready.

Guests scan or tap to see the digital menu instantly.

Guest browses digital menu and orders on their device.

Order ticket prints or displays on KDS to make and deliver.

Server can add items, voids, comps, and more on POS.

Guest pays on their own device. Check closed on POS.

More efficient staff

When staff does not need to focus on entering orders and dropping checks, they can cover 3x the tables than they could with traditional ordering.

Guest-led ordering seamlessly integrates with Union’s point of sale, meaning a guest can open a tab and order a drink from their smartphone and their server can easily add to that order or close them out.

Engage guests any day. Any time.

Automatically showcase the most relevant food and beverage options based on the time of day and week.

Bid farewell to manual updates and keep your guests engaged with an ever-changing menu that reflects brunch, lunch, happy hour, and dinner specials.

Happier, more loyal customers

Waiting is the number one driver of poor reviews. With guest-led ordering, guests receive their orders 80% faster compared to ordering with a server, and servers can focus more on hospitality and customer service.

Less waiting and more efficiency means more money

Bars that adopt guest-led ordering see average check sizes increase by 28%.

Elevated guest experiences lead to significant increases in spending. When guests can order at will, with no waiting, they order more frequently and spend more, driving revenue and tips.

“We could not have delivered to the insane increase in volume during the final World Cup game without Guest-Led Ordering with Union”

Vu , Owner @ The Phoenix

By moving to Union’s Guest-Led ordering, The Phoenix has been able to service more customers and deliver great service – increasing their average check size by $15 and staff tips by 25%.


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