The Victory Tap increased customer satisfaction and grew their check size by 26% through a Guest-Led experience


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Situated in Pflugerville, Texas, The Victory Tap is not your typical sports bar; it’s a culinary gem that effortlessly marries the spirit of a sports bar with the taste of exceptional food. Owner, Tripp Wiggins, envisioned The Victory Tap as a haven for sports enthusiasts seeking more than just the usual bar experience. A ‘Bar-estaurant’ as Tripp affectionately calls it, The Victory Tap has been captivating the local community with its spectacular menu and dining experience since it opened just over a year ago.


First introduced to Union through a fellow bar owner who utilizes Union’s operating system, Tripp was able to witness first hand the increase in efficiency and revenue that a Guest-Led ordering service model could bring when guests aren’t forced to wait on staff. He was confident in wanting Union’s operating system in his new venue, but had a couple questions about how it could be tailored to meet The Victory Tap’s specific needs: 


  1. If guests are encouraged to order themselves without staff assistance, then won’t the lack of customer interaction lead to a decrease in their satisfaction?
  2. With food being a key component of The Victory Tap’s offering, how do we ensure the kitchen doesn’t get overwhelmed if a rush of customers order at the same time?

A service model tailored to The Victory Tap

Union worked closely with Tripp to implement a Guest-Led service model tailored to The Victory Tap’s specific needs. The venue now operates with bartenders as the sole service providers, eliminating the traditional server role altogether. Upon entering, customers start their experience by ordering drinks via Union’s mobile platform. By encouraging customers to manage their own drink orders, it eliminates the unnecessary wait time that a server would normally take to come to a table, take the order, and then walk back to the POS to input that order.  


To prevent their fear of the kitchen being overwhelmed, the mobile experience only allows customers to place drink orders and pay their tabs, while the bartenders are responsible for collecting and inputting food orders. Customers open a tab once seated, placing drink orders with their personal smartphones. Bartenders prepare the drink, deliver it to the table, and then take the food order upon delivery. When finished, customers then use their personal smartphone to close their tab, giving them the freedom to leave when they want, without having to wait on staff to close out. This approach empowers customers to manage orders and payments independently, reducing wait times and enhancing their overall experience.

“Our customers love the ability to control their own experience and leave when they want to. We're still giving them great service. We're still there when they need us, but now they can focus on having a good time instead of trying to wave me down.”

The service model at The Victory Tap is a perfect example of successfully blending technology with a personalized service. It reduces the customer pain points of having to wait on staff, while allowing bartenders to efficiently manage orders, freeing up their availability to engage in one-on-one interactions to share specials and insights about the menu. This innovative approach ensures that customers receive the best of both worlds – efficiency through technology and the personalized touch of traditional service.

Benefits of The Victory Tap's Guest-Led service model

Incorporating Union’s Guest-Led service model has proven transformative for The Victory Tap, yielding significant benefits in staff efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Staff Efficiency:

By streamlining operations, The Victory Tap has been able to optimize its overall staffing levels. Tripp attests that the mobile component enables them to operate with 2 to 3 fewer bartenders per shift. With 35 tables to manage, this dynamic service model effectively services customers with just 3 to 4 bartenders. As labor commonly accounts for a large chunk of operating costs, the overall efficiency of the mobile platform has minimized the need for extensive staff, making The Victory Tap a more streamlined and cost-effective operation.

Customer Satisfaction:

This increase in operational efficiency has resulted in an upswing in customer satisfaction by seamlessly combining the advantages of prompt service with engaging staff interaction. Tripp attests that customers relish the ability to swiftly order drinks using their personal smartphones. And with Union’s Featured Brands integrated into the Guest-Led service model, a product designed specifically to get guests to their preferred drink quicker, customers receive their orders in record time.

Revenue Generation:

The resulting increase in operational efficiency combined with guest satisfaction has directly resulted in revenue gains for The Victory Tap. Since opening, the average mobile tab amount is around 26% higher than a non-mobile tab. Tripp attests that this increase is caused from the improvement in their staff efficiency, as staff no longer have to go back and forth to take orders, they can now serve an extra drink per customer. 

“The increase in efficiency with Union’s Guest-Led service model allows our staff to get at least one more drink out of customers who order through the mobile platform than ones who don’t.”

Union’s Guest-Led ordering service model has not only increased staff efficiency but also elevated customer satisfaction at The Victory Tap. This innovative approach highlights the successful blend of technology with personalized service, aligning with their commitment to delivering exceptional experiences for their customers. Just as Tripp was first introduced to Union through another Union partner, he too now encourages others to make the switch.

“I have friends who own bars and restaurants that use other Point-of-Sale systems. I've listened to their stories and the headaches those systems cause. I always tell them, ‘I know it's the last thing you want to do, but it's easy to make the switch. You won’t regret it.’”

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