The Staff at Texas Arizona Love Union's Guest-Led Service Model​


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The best option for bartenders

Guests at Texas Arizona are happier since the bar switched to Union, but they’re not the only ones benefiting. The Staff is also loving the Guest-Led Service Model. Getting to focus on the tasks that really benefit the guest while seeing bigger checks are two big reasons why.

"I work weekdays, and because a server isn’t staffed, the Union QR code ordering has been a lifesaver to help me keep all the customers happy."

Seeing bigger checks for bartenders

The Staff At Texas Arizona are seasoned professionals and were doing fine before using Union. The difference in their pocketbook has been noticeable though.

“My checks have been noticeably higher since switching to Union and my customers tip more”

Texas Arizona is happy with an easier system

Not being able to find an item in the terminal during Friday night rush isn’t a good time. Since Union was built for busy bars by industry veterans, Texas Arizona Bartenders don’t have that problem anymore.

"The system is the easiest I’ve used in my 8 years in the service industry. It’s so user friendly, I never have an issue finding exactly what I need."

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