Leveraging Union's Recommendation feature, The Tailor Shop achieved their most successful day ever


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Nestled in the vibrant heart of Austin, Texas, The Tailor Shop stands as a thriving venue that seamlessly blends delicious food with tasteful cocktails. Managed by industry professionals with over a decade of experience, they are always on the search for new business opportunities. 


One of these opportunities came when they discovered the impact that Union’s Recommendation feature was having on their sales. They noticed that the brands that were being featured within the Union app attracted noticeably higher sales. They decided to harness this potential by creating captivating cocktails that featured these recommended brands.  

“When we learn of a new featured brand, we turn it into a margarita or some type of cocktail, and then let Union's mobile app sell the drink.”

By simply putting the brands that Union was featuring into their cocktail recipes, they witnessed a significant increase in sales. One brand in particular became their #1 selling tequila within 30 days of it being made into a featured margarita and recommended in the Union app, generating 4x more sales than the next closest tequila brand.

But The Tailor Shop didn’t stop there. With the help of Union, they began to build valuable relationships with vendors from these brands. Their shared goal was to create not just delicious cocktails, but memorable experiences for customers. The Tailor Shop began to collaborate with vendors on events, showcasing the recommended brand in unique ways. Their most recent event, sponsored by Fiero habanero tequila and featured in a crowd favorite spicy margarita, was so popular that it led to the highest revenue generating day in their history. 

“Because of the brand partnerships that Union helps us create, and how well the brands sell in Union’s app, I try to carry every brand that they feature.”

For The Tailor Shop, Union’s Recommendation feature became a game-changer. It propelled their sales to new heights, instilled a sense of loyalty among their customers, and forged strong connections with different brands. As they continue to explore new avenues for growth, The Tailor Shop remains committed to providing unforgettable experiences, one cocktail at a time, in partnership with Union.

We love that Union introduces us to new brands and helps grow our business. No other POS system has ever done this for us.”

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