Kitchen Display System

Real-Time Order Management
Streamline your entire operation for maximum efficiency. Eliminate the chaos and own the night.

Clear communication between bar and kitchen staff

  • Utilize an easy-to-read display for bartenders and kitchen staff.
  • Reduce errors and confusion with real-time order updates.
  • Prioritize and manage orders with customized settings.

Say goodbye to lost order tickets

Quickly adjust to changes, from order priority to menu items, ensuring that every customer receives the perfect drink order in record time.

"Having the Union KDS system has streamlined our guest-led ordering execution, and is a lifesaver for both staff and guests."

John Butts – Owner @ Cosmic Coffee

Cosmic Coffee uses Union KDS for quick order handling behind the bar. No more masses waiting and blocking service areas. Guests are able to pick up their drinks as soon as they’re ready, with no more dead drinks in the window.

Don't settle for a subpar system that doesn't meet your needs

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