POS on iPhone

Unleash efficiency with our powerful POS, now on your iPhone
Connect Guest-Led service with a seamless tableside experience for enhanced profitability

Increase your efficiency by taking orders at the table

Save time by eliminating the need to go back and forth to a terminal just to input orders. 

  • Allow staff to serve more tables
  • Create happier guests through reduced wait times
  • Increase table turnover 

Incorporate our POS on iPhone into your business model and make more money.

No More Clunky Handhelds

Can your current handheld easily fit in your pocket? We didn’t think so. With our POS on iPhone, you can:

  • Efficiently add to, or edit orders
  • Transfer tables and approve adjustments
  • Split checks and accept payments 

The best POS on the market, conveniently located in a sleek, lightweight and familiar device.

Accept secure payments WITHOUT a card reader

Tired of faulty card readers and awkward tipping interactions? Revamp your payment experience by accepting:

  • Scan to Pay – Guest uses personal mobile device to scan QR code for swift transactions.
  • Tap to Pay – Guest taps their card, smartphone, or wearable onto NFC within POS on iPhone. (coming soon)
  • Guest-Led digital payment – Letting the guest pay how and when they want through their personal mobile device.

Welcome to a seamless payment experience that will take your guest satisfaction to a whole new level.

Bring Your Own Device

Cut expenses by avoiding pricey hardware that often doesn’t meet your venue’s needs.

  • We help you find the hardware that works best for your budget
  • Invest smarter into hardware that is yours to keep
  • Whatever you decide, you’ll be supported by our outstanding customer support team 

Buy new or repurpose your old iPhone into one of the most powerful tools in the industry.

Connect a Guest-Led model to a streamlined tableside service

Our POS on iPhone seamlessly integrates with our Guest-Led model.

  • Customers scan a QR code to open tabs, view menus, and even place orders from their phone
  • Enable staff to check-in, answer questions, and efficiently add to orders
  • When guests are ready to leave, they can easily pay their checks

Proven to increase operational efficiency and drive higher revenue. To find out more, click the link below.