Union’s OnPrem Impact Network offers unprecedented opportunity for brands to drive distribution and market share, while gaining actionable on-premise insights. 

Stop Doing Ineffective Sampling Programs

Union’s OnPrem Impact Network leverages deep, reliable insights to automatically facilitate meaningful engagement with consumers at the moment when they are most likely to purchase your product

New Points of Distribution

Promote your brand to thousands of General Managers and Owners of large, independent bars and restaurants

Liquid to Lips

Guarantee product trial with specific consumers. Measure the immediate and future impact

Consumption Insights

Use comprehensive, real-time, SKU-level data to analyze on-premise consumption behavior


Leading alcohol brands utilize Union’s OnPrem Impact Network to create remarkable on-premise interactions with millions of consumers across the country

Austin | Boston | Chicago | Dallas | Detroit | Hawaii | Houston | Las Vegas | Los Angeles | Miami | Nashville | New Orleans | New York | Orlando | Philadelphia | Portland | San Diego | San Francisco | Seattle | Tampa

Union’s OnPrem Insights provide the most comprehensive, granular, precise view of on-premise consumer behavior.

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Round Buying Behavior