The Phoenix

Houston, Texas

By moving to Union’s Guest-Led ordering, The Phoenix has been able to service more customers and deliver great service – increasing their average check size by $15 and staff tips by 25%.

“We could not have delivered to the insane increase in volume during the final World Cup game without Guest-Led Ordering with Union”

Vu , Owner @ The Phoenix


Guest-Led Orders


Higher Avg. Checks


Increase in tip size

The Secret Sauce

Improving the guest experience

Happy customers order and pay when they want rather than waiting for a server. When customers get what they want, when they want it, they order more and leave bigger tips. 

Love This Bar!!!!!!

“Can I say this is one of the smartest bars? They’ve got a unique way to serve. You scan the code on the table, order what you want from the app (food, drinks, shots) and they have the servers bringing them out to your table instead of having to wait to order.”

World Cup 2022

The True Test of Guest-Led ORdering

The Phoenix served 3x their typical days during the final game of the World Cup this year. 

 With 41% of tabs coming via Union’s guest-led ordering QR code, staff was able to deliver a great customer experience and while keeping up with the crowds.

"We did well because of Union. That is the truth!"

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