The Phoenix Boosted Sales with Union's Guest-Led Ordering Model


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By moving to Union’s Guest-Led ordering, The Phoenix has been able to service more customers and deliver even better service – increasing their average check size by $15 and staff tips by 25%.

"We could not have delivered to the insane increase in volume during the final World Cup game without Guest-Led Ordering with Union"

Improving the guest experience

Happy customers order and pay when they want rather than waiting for a server. When customers get what they want, when they want it, they order more and leave bigger tips. 

The true test of Guest-Led ordering

The Phoenix served 3x their typical day during the final game of the World Cup this year. With 41% of tabs coming via Union’s guest-led ordering QR code, staff was able to deliver a great customer experience while keeping up with the crowds.

"We did well because of Union. That is the truth!"

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