Irish Pub Kenneally's Crushes St. Patrick's Day With Union

Innovation and tradition combine for the busiest day of the year


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St. Patricks Day Brings the Crowds

St. Patrick’s day is a high volume day across the country, but for Irish Pub Kenneally’s, a cherished family-owned bar with nearly 40 years of history, it’s the biggest day of the year. Owner Monica Flowers knew she needed to stay on top of her game if her venue was going to take full advantage of the day, so she enabled Union Guest Led Ordering to help her to the pot of gold.

“While we knew how to run a very successful Irish St. Patrick’s Day celebration, I wanted to elevate the experience so that I could keep guests happier and in house longer. Knowing we had to compete with bigger, newer venues, the customer experience was a top priority.”

Right Tools For The Job

Getting QR codes set up at every table was the first step. Union custom codes all table signage meaning orders can be routed to specific printers and are brought to the correct destination quickly and easily. Monica knew that getting that done would set her up for success.

“Enabling the QR code guest ordering system from Union was a game changer for the busiest day of the year”

The Big Day

With Union’s guest-led ordering system in place for St. Patricks’s Day, customers at Irish Pub Kenneally’s placed orders effortlessly, feeling like they were “skipping the line.” Bartenders thrived in this streamlined environment, serving customers faster and more efficiently than ever before.

"Guest-led mobile orders allowed us to serve customers faster and more efficiently and noticeably took a lot of pressure off our main and outdoor bars to get drinks out in a timely manner."

The outdoor area at Kenneally’s became the hottest spot to be, with guests being able to order and pick up drinks without waiting in line. Staff also no longer needed to navigate through crowded areas, further boosting efficiency.

Guests also loved the personalized drink offers and rewards in the Union app, a unique touch that set Irish Pub Kenneally’s St Pats apart from the rest.

"Throughout the night, I heard from so many customers how they loved the drink offers in the Union app, which allowed them to try new products and get rewarded. They loved how unique this was compared to other bars."

Harnessing the Future, Now

Irish Pub Kenneally’s has come along way technologically from its beginning. Monica remarks that, “as a small family-owned and operated business that started almost 40 years ago, POS and analytics didn’t exist.”

Opening the future with Union is the next step in moving a local institution forward. Union’s innovative solution makes businesses like Monica’s thrive in a competitive market. By enabling Union Guest-Led Ordering, Irish Pub Kenneally’s maximized their St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

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