Digital Menus

Your Menu in Real Time
Instantly modify your menu while enticing guests with elite presentation.

Boost revenue with strategic upselling and promotions

  • Highlight popular and high-margin items with large, beautiful photos.
  • Promote special offers and limited-time deals.
  • Encourage upselling with enticing visuals and descriptions.

Live inventory management keeps menu item status fresh

Items that are 86’d or set to countdown status on the point of sale get immediately updated in the guest app for seamless menu management.

Guests save their favorite items for later tonight, or next week's visit

  • Customers can save their favorite items from your digital menu, with all of their favorite modifiers in-tact.
  • Items can easily be added to guest-led orders, now or later.

“Our guests sit down and immediately see our live updated cocktail offerings.”

Steve, Operator @ The Tipsy Alchemist

The Tipsy Alchemist uses digital menus to create a modern and engaging guest experience

  • Dynamically updates with all 86’d and countdown items
  • Menu section availability automatically changes based on day and time
  • Showcases beautiful imagery of their best cocktails

Don't settle for a subpar system that doesn't meet your needs

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