Improve guest & table management
No more long lines, frustrated customers, or disorganized seating arrangements.

Guests can open their checks while they wait

  • Guest checks can open before they are seated via QR code, allowing them to order from the bar and track their place in line.
  • Checks can be transferred to tables when they are ready to be seated 

Get hosts and servers on the same page

  • Take advantage of instant communication between staff
  • Easily assign tables, balancing server workloads
  • Streamlined seating process for a better guest experience

Notify customers when they are ready to be seated

  • Transfer guest checks right from the tablet. 
  • Trigger text notifications to customers when tables are ready.

"Guests can open a tab while they are waiting for their table.”

Tim Short – Owner @ Woodin Creek Kitchen & Tap

Woodin Creek in Redmond Washington uses Union Waitlist for guest management.

Customers can get in line, track their place in line, open their tabs, and more.

Don't settle for a subpar system that doesn't meet your needs

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