Union Recaps its Biggest OnPrem Insights from 2023

On-Premise data from the year shows how Bud Light netted out and how gin is the spirit that experienced the strongest market growth

Austin, TX (Dec. 20, 2023) – As 2023 comes to a close, Union shares its biggest OnPrem Insights of the year based on millions of orders from more than a thousand high-volume bars and restaurants around the country. Union provides the industry with the largest data source for actual on premise consumption behavior. Key takeaways from 2023 are as follows:

  • Bud Light’s on-premise recovery is nowhere in sight – Bud Light sales at bars and restaurants dropped nearly 44 percent between Q3 2022 and Q3 2023 due to the controversy fallout. In Q3 2022, Bud Light commanded nearly 10 percent sales share of on-premise beer. That share fell to just 5.5 percent by the same period in 2023. The downfall has stabilized for the most part, though no rebound is on the horizon. This summer, Union reported that Miller Light moved into the number one spot on-premise.
  • Tequila is winning – Of all on-premise Spirits categories, tequila is 2023’s clear winner, growing by 2%, while vodka declined its share by nearly 3% and whiskey declined by nearly 1%. Earlier this year, Union reported that tequila overtook whiskey sales for the first time. Additionally, tequila sales are even trumping vodka sales certain times of the week, such as after 11am on a Saturday night. Will tequila overtake vodka in 2024? If current trends continue, that groundbreaking change appears likely.
  • All eyes on gin – Gin was the category that saw the most relative growth in 2023 of all spirits, having increased sales by 8%—though its share of all spirits sold on-premise (4% share) trails far behind vodka (31%), tequila (29%), and whiskey (25%). 
  • Spirits-based RTDs are on the rise – For the first time ever, spirits-based RTDs overtook malt-based RTDs on-premise, having grown by 50% YOY. Spirits-based RTDs now represent 5% of all beer/RTD sales share at Union venues.

“This was an interesting year with the Bud Light fallout and tequila’s continued climb,” said Layne Cox, chief marketing officer at Union. “We are excited to see what 2024 holds, but certainly beer will experience a continued shake-up across mainstream, import, and craft categories. We also expect to see tequila take over even more of vodka’s share, possibly moving into the number one spot for spirits. At the same time, vodka-based cocktails like the espresso martini are proving to be on-premise winners. As operators and brands look at these insights, we hope the information helps them prepare for the year ahead so they can capitalize on emerging trends.”

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