Celebrate National Vodka Day

Union shares insights and an infographic detailing how the popular spirit is consumed at Union Bars & Restaurants.

According to a recent report that Union released, vodka accounts for nearly one third of all liquor sales, not including RTDs, in the 12-month period ending June 30, 2023. The report also indicates Tito’s Handmade is the top selling brand.

“Tito’s dominates on-premise Vodka sales at over 43 percent share of all Vodka sold at Union venues,” said Gary Ross, chief growth officer at Union. “Innovation with premium and flavored vodka varieties has kept sales resilient. From what we’ve been seeing the Vodka category is steadily growing, having increased its share by nearly one and a half points over the last 12-month period.”

In addition to its report outlining the top selling vodka brands and flavors, Union also released an infographic to celebrate National Vodka Day, which visually depicts how consumers are drinking the spirit. It shows everything from what day part sales peak and the top vodka flavors to the average price per drink and male/female breakdown of who is ordering Vodka.

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