Union OnPrem Insights Reveals Whiskey Consumption Behaviors From Thousands Of Venues Across The U.S. 

Austin, TX (March 28, 2023) – Union—a data-driven hospitality engagement platform—has released an OnPrem Insights study highlighting whiskey drinkers’ consumption patterns at high volume bars and restaurants across the United States. The research confirms that whiskey, in all its forms, is a powerhouse spirit for high-volume bars and restaurants. The findings show customer ordering behaviors, from the preferred types of whiskey to what gets reordered the most. The full findings can be seen here.

Some key takeaways from the study include:

  • Whiskey drinkers are dedicated to their category, and repeat orderers are common. For guests at Union venues who purchased whiskey at least once within a five visit period, 84 percent ordered it again, and 37 percent of those went on to order whiskey on at least half of their subsequent visits.
  • The whiskey category has an overall retention of 53 percent, in line with vodka, and well ahead of other spirits categories — meaning a guest is likely to consume whiskey again on their next bar visit. 
  • Of the whiskey subcategories, American holds the record for the most likely to be reordered at guests’ next bar visit, boasting a 74 percent retention rate.
  • If a whiskey drinker strays, vodka is the next most likely spirit category for them to drink followed by tequila.
  • Jameson is the top whiskey consumed at Union bars and restaurants. It has the strongest retention of any whiskey brand at 48 percent.

“Whiskey is a huge aspect of cocktail bar culture, but now with Union’s granular on premise ordering data we can confirm that whiskey thrives even in larger bar and restaurant settings,” said Layne Cox, Union’s Chief Marketing Officer. “By looking at actual guest purchases within Union’s networks, we can see exactly what, and how, customers order whiskey. This data presents a big opportunity for high volume venues to convert guests who like to try whiskey into guests who will order it more regularly.” 

To read Union’s whiskey study, click here. For more information on Union, visit To learn more about Union OnPrem Insights, visit

About Union OnPrem Insights

Union’s OnPrem Insights provides the hospitality industry with a granular, precise view of on-premise consumer consumption behavior. The reports cover industry trends and uncover consumer purchasing patterns, which allow busy bars and restaurants as well as beverage and alcohol brands to better understand their consumers, the marketplace and identify growth opportunities. The reports are based on Union’s proprietary GuestMatch and MenuMatch intelligence and on-premise consumption data from thousands of Union venues, serving millions of guests 21+ across 34 U.S. states. Union data is based on actual customer orders, not indirect methods like case depletions. To learn more or to download Union OnPrem Insights reports, visit

About Union

Union is a hospitality engagement platform leveraging industrial-grade data intelligence to deliver transformative experiences for guests, operators, and brands at the most popular venues across the country. Designed by over 50 hospitality venue owners from some of the highest volume locations in the country, the Union engagement platform was built specifically to meet the needs of high-volume bars and restaurants, while taking a revolutionary approach to connecting consumers and brands on-premise. Follow Union on Facebook and Instagram or visit



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