Union OnPrem Insights Reveals the Majority of Margarita Drinkers Order On The Rocks

National Margarita Day is Feb. 22 and Union has uncovered some unique insights about how Americans drink their margs 

Austin, TX (Feb. 20, 2023) – National Margarita Day is right around the corner (Feb. 22) and Union, a data-driven hospitality engagement platform, has released some new OnPrem Insights data related to one of the nation’s most popular cocktails, Margaritas.

According to Union, the majority of margarita drinkers order on the rocks (63%), followed by frozen (27%) and skinny (10%).  Union’s data shows that one out of every five cocktails ordered is a margarita. Another interesting finding, females are 19% more likely to order margaritas than males. And last but not least, the most common type of food to accompany a marg is TexMex with quesadillas being the dish of choice.

“Spring is on the horizon and margaritas will soon be top-of-mind for many more drinkers as the weather heats up and patio season kicks off,” commented Layne Cox, Union’s chief marketing officer. “Starting in April people start swapping out vodka and whiskey drinks for margaritas and this trend typically continues through July. This rich data not only helps bars and restaurants better understand their customers and ordering patterns, but it’s also helpful for spirts brands that want to tap into these national drinking days and seasons and offer specials through our app at thousands of venues across the U.S.”

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Union OnPrem Insights provides the hospitality industry with a granular, precise view of on-premise consumer consumption behavior. The reports cover industry trends and uncover consumer purchasing patterns, which allow busy bars and restaurants as well as beverage and alcohol brands to better understand their consumers, the marketplace and identify growth opportunities. The reports are based on Union’s proprietary GuestMatch and MenuMatch intelligence and on-premise consumption data from thousands of Union venues, serving millions of guests 21+ across 34 U.S. states. Union data is based on actual customer orders, not indirect methods like case depletions. To learn more or to download Union OpPrem Insights reports, visit

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