OnPrem Insights by Union Reveals Best-Selling Rum Cocktails for National Rum Day, Aug. 16 

According to data from high-volume venues nationwide, mojitos continue to be the most popular rum cocktail but daiquiris and coladas are on the rise

Austin, TX (Aug. 1, 2023) – Ahead of National Rum Day (Aug. 16, 2023), Union has released a report detailing the most ordered rum cocktails at bars and restaurants nationwide. Based on orders at more than a thousand Union venues, the top three rum cocktails are mojitos, coladas and daiquiris, respectively.  

Other key takeaways from the report are as follows:

  • Watch out Mojito, Here Comes the Daiquiri – While mojitos are still the number one most ordered cocktail, coladas and daiquiris are gaining momentum, according to Union. Mojitos’ share dropped by nearly three points in the past year, compared to coladas and daiquiris of all flavors, which grew by 2.7 and 1.3 points respectively. According to the report, daiquiris overtook mai tais this year, jumping from fourth to third place in Union’s ranking of the 10 most popular Rum cocktails.
  • Male vs. Female, Who is Ordering Rum Cocktails? – Coladas — of any flavor — are ordered proportionally more often by women than men. The reverse is true for mai tais, which are ordered more often by men. Mojitos are only somewhat more popular with men than with women, and daiquiris are ordered equally across genders. 
  • Rum Cocktail Dayparts – Based on Union’s data, coladas are a daytime drink, with nearly half of sales happening before dinner. Meanwhile, mojitos see the most traction at happy hour and dinner. The report also shows that daiquiris are most popular after dinner, in the late night hours.

“Based on the real-time ordering data we’re seeing from our network of high-volume bars and restaurants, now is the time for operators to be marketing rum drinks, as sales tend to peak in the summer months,” said Layne Cox, chief marketing officer at Union. “With coladas and daiquiris on the rise, it’s time to start rethinking menus and specials to meet this growing demand.”

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