Negroni Gaining Popularity, and Fast On-Premise

Union’s latest OnPrem Insights report indicates that Negroni sales are up by 44 percent year-over-year 

Austin, TX (Aug. 23, 2023) – National Negroni Week is September 18 to 24 and bars and restaurants around the country will be celebrating the iconic cocktail while supporting Slow Food’s mission to foster a more equitable and sustainable world of food and beverage. As such, Union has released a new OnPrem Insights report outlining some new consumption data and findings around how negronis are consumed. The on-premise purchasing data comes from more than a thousand high-volume bars and restaurants around the country.

Some of the key findings from the report include:

  • Negronis are gaining popularity, and fast – Negroni sales have experienced a steep rise in the past year at Union venues, as the cocktail is up by 44 percent year-over-year. Furthermore, more than half of all gin cocktails sold at Union bars and restaurants are negronis.
  • Mezcal negronis are a thing – at Union venues more than 16 percent of all negronis are “Mezcal” variations. 
  • Negroni prices are increasing – according to Union’s on-premise data, the average price of a negroni is $14.06, up by $1 from the last year and significantly more expensive than the average cocktail, which is $12.50.
  • The majority of negroni drinkers are men – 71 percent of negronis are ordered by males at Union venues.
  • Negronis are a year-round cocktail – while sales peak in the fall and winter holiday months, negronis see consistent sales year-round. 

“With National Negroni Week on the horizon we wanted to arm busy bars and restaurants participating in the fundraiser with consumption data and ideas on how to market this popular cocktail,” said Layne Cox, Union’s CMO. “According to our data, negroni drinkers are pretty loyal and will return to the Italian cocktail 43 percent of the time on their next visit. However if they order something else they most commonly switch to an old fashioned, which seems like a natural progression.”

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