Espresso Martini Craze Continues to Skyrocket, Doubling Year-Over-Year

Union’s OnPremise data shows that the retro coffee cocktail jumps to the third best-selling cocktail, out-pacing the Moscow mule

Austin, TX (Dec. 12, 2023) –Some may say that 2023 was the year of the espresso martini and Union’s latest OnPrem Insights report certainly validates that statement. According to data from thousands of busy bars and restaurants nationwide, espresso martini sales grew by 50% over the last year and is the third best selling cocktail, pushing the Moscow mule to the number four spot. 

“The espresso martini is truly the best of both worlds and it’s no surprise that this cocktail has witnessed a major resurgence,” stated Gary Ross, Union’s chief growth officer. “Based on our data we found that espresso martini orders peak in the late dinner daypart, indicating customers are ordering the cocktail as a post meal treat or pick-me-up before a night out.”

Key data points from Union’s espresso martini report include: 

  • Espresso martinis are ordered most at 9 p.m., commanding over 13 percent share of all cocktails and mixed shots sold during that hour. 
  • Women are 59% more likely to order an espresso martini than men who order cocktails. 
  • While prices for other top-selling cocktails have increased, prices for espresso martinis have remained somewhat flat. 

“With the unstoppable popularity of this cocktail, operators should re-evaluate their pricing strategies and get creative, coming up with unique espresso martini riffs and non-alcoholic variations to add more options to their menus,” noted Ross.

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