Cognac Sales Slow On-Premise, But Premiumization Remains Strong

Hospitality tech company, Union, analyzes sales of cognac at more than one thousand venues and finds Hennessy is leading the way, followed by D’Ussé

Austin, TX (Jan. XX, 2024) – While the pandemic was a bright spot for cognac, the high-end spirit saw a decline in retail sales last year and according to Union’s latest report, on-premise sales have been following the same downward trend. Based on ordering data from more than one thousand bars and restaurants nationwide, dollar sales for cognac were also down from 1.31 percent to 1.29 percent.

“While this decline for operators may seem flat, this is a significant indicator for cognac producers that they are not out of the woods,” said Layne Cox, chief marketing officer for Union. “This is a good time for cognac brands to get creative with promotions and pricing, especially during uncertain economic times.”

Based on data within Union’s cognac report, the top three brands in order of sales share on-premise are:

  1. Hennessy
  2. D’Ussé 
  3. Rémy Martin

Despite the overall sales dip, premiumization remains strong for the cognac category. For example, Union’s data indicates that Hennessy VS sales are slightly up in share growth and its higher-end VSOP and XO cognacs are booming, showing a hefty points-share increase of over 20 percent each. 

“Our data shows that nearly two-thirds  of cognac sales happen at bars and restaurants after 10pm, so venues promoting ulta-premium brands in the late-night hours will likely see a nice sales bump when it comes to this category,” stated Cox.

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