The Tequila Report

What’s In This Report

This report analyzes guest behavior at Union on-premise venues from December 2021 through May 2022.  The Union GuestMatch™ and MenuMatch™ technologies enable Union to form and track ad-hoc guest cohorts and analyze behavior over time.  


How much do consumers pay for Tequila drinks? How does that compare to other categories? Which brands’ drink prices are increasing/decreasing?

Day Part

When specifically in the night do people drink tequila? How does that differ from spirits overall?


What is the likelihood that someone who orders a tequila will stick with the category? Which brands have the highest retention?


What portion of drinkers have tried tequila? How loyal are they to the category? Which brands have the highest penetration and most loyal drinkers?

Win Rate

What’s the likelihood that a tequila drinker will choose one brand vs. another if both are available at the bar? Which brands are more popular than the “house brand?”

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