About BeerBoard

BeerBoard is an industry leader in technology solutions within the hospitality industry, empowering retailers, brewers, and distributors to make informed decisions using data-driven insights. Their patented digital platform captures, analyzes, and reports real-time data on bar performance and sales.


Operating seamlessly through a versatile online system accessible from a single dashboard app, they’ve successfully streamlined operations and boosted profits for establishments and brewers of all sizes throughout the United States.

BeerBoard + Union

SmartOrders: Automated Ordering, Inventory & Payments

A centralized solution to manage all liquor, beer, wine, and packaged goods.

Benefits You Can See

Reduce Manual Labor Challenges

Reduce Inaccurate Ordering & Extra Holding Costs

Decrease Out of Stocks & Off-Day Deliveries via Improved Forecasting

Drive Revenue & Expand Marketing Opportunities


    • $250 / month per location
    • $1,500 setup fee

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"SmartOrders has been incredible for our business. Ordering to each of our distributors is completed in real time and we have full visibility on current inventory levels. GM's can allocate time saved to managing staff and improving our guest experience. SmartOrders is something every retailer and distributor should be using to run their business."
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